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Cathy Whitney

Cathy accepted Christ as her personal Savior as a young child when attending Miracle Revival Center in Maywood Illinois.  Cathy has been married to Delbert (D) Whitney for 24 years.  Delbert is a disabled veteran and an executive chef. The Whitney’s are long term members of “The Mark”.  Cathy is a prayer warrior and has committed herself to intercessory prayer for Pastor Wattley and the church family.  Intercession (as described on the all about prayer.org website) is "holy, believing, persevering prayer whereby someone pleads with God on behalf others." Cathy believes that prayer changes things and people.  Cathy understands the importance of praise and worship.  Praise and worship is a special time in service, at home, in your office, etc. to honor God and thank God for his many blessings. She believes that in all things we must give thanks and praise God in the midst.  Cathy adheres to the motto “Don’t wait until the battle is over, shout now”!  One of her favorite bible verses is:  1 Thessalonians 5:18 18 In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you-” - King James Version (KJV) One of her favorite Gospel songs is “Oh how Precious is the Name of Jesus” Favorite Gospel Artists:  Cathy absolutely loves Gospel music and enjoys many singers.  One of her favorite singers is Kathy Taylor.

Family – Cathy is the youngest of three Occupation – Professor of Biology at Collin College-Cathy teaches Biology Science majors and non-majors.  She teaches both lectures and labs.  In addition to her teaching duties, Cathy has served as department chair of Math & Natural Sciences, is currently the chair of the district African American History Month committee, Chair of the annual district science day program, chair of the district fall faculty development taskforce, administrator for the district General Biology resource website for students and instructors, coordinator of general and introductory biology labs at the Central Park Campus, and faculty mentor for full time and part-time faculty. Education – BS in Biology from Oklahoma Panhandle State University, MS of Science (major Biology) from Texas Woman’s University and ABD Higher Education (in progress), Walden University.

Interesting tidbit:  Cathy was recently (February 2017) inducted into the College Athletic Hall of Fame at OPSU (her undergraduate Alma mater).  She ran track from 5th grade through undergraduate school.  She was inducted with football players at the same institution.