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Featured Member



Louise Hall

Louise accepted Christ as her Personal Savior in 1979. Joined SMBC in 2011. 

Member of the Mark Tech Team, and Transformational Leadership Team and College MegaFest Core Team.

She has made significant improvements in the operation of the Mark Tech Team process by researching/acquiring hardware/software, upgrading ProPresenter and Media Shout software, and formatting/broadcasting ministry data needed for the operation of service. As a member of the Transformation Church Core Team she plays a significant role in working with leadership to set the church’s goals and strategically planning initiatives that support the church’s initiatives and benefit it’s serving community.

Additionally, she continually contributes to doing God’s work by being an integral part of the College Megafest, a community event created to equip students with tools for life after high school graduation. By making contact with the surrounding school districts, she ensures the event is distributed throughout the DFW area. This task includes going through each Independent School District’s policies and procedures and locating the method of distribution and following through with countless phones calls and emails to achieve approval of the College Megafest flyer. The task is tedious and is an annual effort.

Another of her roles she performs diligently for the College Megafest is securing speakers’ gifts for those that pour their talents into the event. This task requires presenting a panel of useful gift options to the planning committee and using the feedback to provide one prestigious gift to 20 – 30 speakers. The process includes interacting with vendors and negotiating prices to fit the budget and needs of the event. She has done a wonderful job with past gifts including personalized plaques, mugs, pens, and notebooks as well as gift cards to local venues.

Favorite Gospel Singer – Walter Hawkins & Hezekiah Walker

Favorite Scripture – Psalms 23

Family – Louise is the 14th of 15 brothers and sisters.

Occupation – Senior Finance and Accounting Professional at L-3 Communications. She is responsible for the management of accounting activities for her division. Prior to working at L-3 Communications, Louise was employed by PEPSICO in Plano, TX and Prudential Financial in Newark, NJ.

Education – Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Grambling University and a master’s degree in Management from Thomas Edison State College. She is also certified in Project Management.